About Diet Solution Weight Loss Centers

Diet Solution Centers (DSC) began in Mansfield in 2011 with a mission to help the community get healthy and lose excess weight. DSC is a medically monitored weight loss program that specializes in YOU. Before our patients even begin our program they receive an EKG and blood work which tests for cholesterol and thyroid levels. This also includes: BMI, weight, height, vitals, B12 injection, and Amino appetite suppressants. We strive to achieve the best results for every individual patient. 

In order to achieve the best results, each patient will select the supplements that adhere to their goal. DSC has an array of caffeine free, natural and fantastic aides for weight loss including: Fat Burners, Fat Blockers, B12 injections, Multi-Vitamins, Hair Skin & Vitamins, Trim Slim and Cascara Sagrada. 

DSC has a ZERO POLICY: ZERO gimmicks and ZERO prepackaged meals!! Schedule the initial exam, practice subject to change, and this takes an hour of your time. Thereafter, patients come in weekly to receive vitals, BMI, weigh in and are able to meet with our physician, of whom will ensure you achieve the healthiest of results and see if the patient is a candidate for prescription for a prescription appetite suppressant.


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