Initial Visit

◈ Medical Examination ◈ Weight and BMI ◈ EKG ◈ Lab Work ◈ Blood Pressure ◈ Food Consultation ◈ B12 Injection ◈ Appetite Suppressants ◈ Before Photo ◈

Weekly visits include:

◈ Program review with consultant ◈ Weight and BMI ◈ B12 Injection ◈ Blood Pressure ◈ Appetite Suppressants ◈

Skinny Mini Me Fat Burner

Significant reduction in hunger levels, Increase of lean muscle, Reduction in total body fat, Reduction of thigh & hip fat and waist circumference, Anti-cellulite effects.

Skinny Mini Me Fat Blocker

Assists in re-sizing your thighs, Burns more fat faster for a flat belly and lean legs & arms.

Skinny Shots

Improves fat burning metabolism, Decreases unwanted water retention, Helps maintain blood sugar levels, Proven to decrease mild signs of depression, Normalize appetite, Greater levels of energy and less fatigue, B6/B12 shot.